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Monday, 8 August 2011

IT salaries on the increase – think about making the switch to freelancing!

Recent statistics show that employers have to pay big to get the right man on the job. In 2011, IT professionals are paid 7.5% more annually than the previous year, reaching an average wage of £46,000, up from £42,800 in 2010. If employers are willing to pay up to find suitably skilled staff, there is no reason why employers won’t consider IT contractors who demand higher pay and more challenging roles on account of their experience. All in all, good news for IT professionals and IT contractors looking for IT contract jobs!
The figures speak for themselves, but what’s more is the average bonus of 19% that was paid to 56% of IT professionals in 2011, accounting for a pay out of over £9.4 billion across the IT industry. IT managers and directors have clocked the dangers of an understaffed department and as Paul Winchester comments - “technology services were among the hardest hit during the recession but companies are now realising that unless these departments are properly staffed, they face expensive efficiency deficits, which hold back growth”. Now the economic climate is looking up, and small business are beginning to find their feet once again, employers are investing in their IT and technology systems to gain a competitive advantage and looking to employ specialist staff that they can rely on. The salary increases reflect the need to spend more money on experienced and talented staff rather than simply paying employees for working – which is where IT contractors step in!
A third of employees expect their company headcount to fall in the next twelve months, whilst 41% expect staff numbers to increase. Clearly then, despite the higher pay cheques professionals do not feel wholly comfortable in their current position and Paul Winchester offers a word of advice to IT professionals – “If you aren’t feeling confident about the future of your current role, it might pay big dividends to consider your options elsewhere”. Ever thought of applying your skills and experience to a challenging and exciting IT contract job? Given the current circumstances, and the trend of taking on IT contractors on account of their knowledge and expertise, it might be worth a thought!

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