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Monday, 4 July 2011

Contracting-The Flexible way to change your career

When it comes to employment, we are being saturated with information that we simply do not want to hear. From the seemingly never-ending recession to excessive job cuts, it’s high time for a fresh perspective on employment. It’s worth noting that contract employment isn’t totally new, but with its growing appeal from potential employees and varied sectors, contract and freelance work alike could not only speed up your job search but also fast track you to your desired career change.

You would probably be forgiven if the word ‘contractor’ conjures up images of construction work and manual labour related regeneration; however, contract and freelance work could most probably be applicable to every trade and skill that is in demand right now. Whilst skilled trade contract work is still going from strength to strength according to recent statistics, contract positions within the private sector such as transport and IT are steadily increasing.

It is vital to mention that being a contractor does not automatically mean that your new job will be short lived. Even if a contract is limited by its time period, any opportunity to add to your CV was worth doing. This is not to say that contractors are doomed to a life of job hopping, in fact in many cases, a contract job is just a permanent as a ‘regular’ one with the added exception of a contract agency. At a glance this could appear to be an un- wanted added extra, but with a third party supplying all the information that you need, from who’s hiring to application tips, the middle man has never been so useful.

Contract and freelance jobs offer flexibility to potential proprietors and recruiters in every sense of the word. Whether you refuse to settle in one career path or need to fill the gaps in your fast paced company, contract jobs and freelancing is a sure fire way to free yourself from the tedious traditional means of employment.

As mentioned, with the recession in everyone’s shadow, it is hard to feel positive about employment, but with the first quarter of 2011 seeing a growth in the British economy of 0.5%, it is strongly evident that contract work is growing with it. With a hasty approach to spending, employers are looking to contractors before looking to permanent employees when hiring, meaning that the demand won’t be ceasing anytime soon.

Freelance and contract work could also be a stepping stone into your next permanent job role. In accordance with the Department for Work and Pensions over a third of all individuals who took up contract employment in February 2011 were offered permanent positions in the same role.

So with the steady much needed improvement in British economy, contract agencies, contractors and recruiters are equally expanding with it. Amongst the negativity in the work place it is refreshing to know that there is a new flexible approach to employment that instead of slowing down is expanding to accommodate everyone’s skills and availability.

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