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Monday, 11 July 2011

A Question of Technology

The never ceasing development of technology is inevitably going to affect contractors. Everyone has a computer, but too many of us are scared by the new computer systems that are bestowed upon us, even though they have to potential to make our lives a whole lot easier, especially for the freelancer on the go.
Although companies that employ contractors are more likely to supply laptops or desk tops, new trends in computer systems mean that between work and during contract projects, contractors and freelance professionals can get so much more out of their personal computers. According to IDC laptops, the desk top computer is a shadow of its former dominance in favour of its portable equivalent, with laptop sales increasing by 26% this year alone.
But even the seemingly non stoppable laptop is slowly but surely becoming ‘out-dated’ by the emergence of Tablet computing, undoubtedly led by the I pad. The obvious benefits of tablet devices would be that they are even more portable than laptops or notebooks and with the main focus being upon the screen, they offer the best quality high definition compared to any other computer system available. I am not completely convinced that tablet computer systems will take over laptops entirely, for the basic reason that sometimes, a key board is far more convenient. However, tablet computer systems hold all the answers for IT contractors on the move. The size and abilities of a tablet system, such as easily accessible internet use and built in satellite navigation, make it an understandably desirable gadget for travelling contractors and freelance professionals.
There is an alternative for those who require the best of both worlds. The Dell inspiron Duo is an impressive release which enables its user all the qualities of a notebook whilst offering the latest in tablet technology. The Inspiron duo flips from a traditional note book to a tablet in seconds with its convertible screen, making it the perfect choice for those of us not ready to put all of our hopes upon tablet computer systems. The system fits perfectly with your home comforts too with its docking station, perfect for watching films or listening to music. Think of it as a rather large mp3 player!
If you had to choose, why wouldn’t you go with the system that does it all?


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