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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Skill shortages bring good news to IT contractors

IT contracts are rapidly increasing thanks to skill shortages created by generous IT infrastructure budgets. With various businesses embracing new technology platforms, the cracks are beginning to show among IT workers that simply aren’t up to scratch.
Freelancers and contractors familiar with online and mobile phone systems are estimated to be the most sought after due to mobile phone apps and e-commerce becoming more evident within the retail sector in order to drive sales. Research carried out Forsee Results showed that 32% of all consumer respondents used mobile platforms for retail purposes while 32% confirmed that they plan to do their shopping using mobile apps in the future. These figures may mean that in the near future, over 75% of consumers in the UK will be relying on their smart phones for their weekly shop!
Media companies, in particular news outlets will also be seeking contractors skilled in online platforms to help satisfy the rising amount of individuals seeking online content. All major newspapers in the UK are offered in online formats and an increasing amount of magazines are shutting down print versions all together and setting up cam online, such as ‘Mothering’ magazine in February 2011 and former teen magazine Sugar.
The obvious benefits of online and mobile platforms, such as easier access and cost effectiveness, should be realised by IT contractors. No one wants to be left behind in the tech world, my only advice for contractors and freelance professionals is to get online and apps savvy while this trend is in full flow. 


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